Meet The Team

Christopher Hugon
Journeyman Plumber

Chris came from the construction plumbing to Dillon to learn more aspects of the plumbing trade. Chris is very family oriented and spends his time with his kids. He’s always looking for a project to do around the house. Customer’s would say Chris is very personable and always tries to ensure he’s left the job well done and a happy customer. He describes himself as dedicated, loyal and driven. His career of construction and service has allowed him at Dillon to learn more aspects of plumbing he hadn’t received at other places.
Sam Collier
Journeyman, Estimator

Sam is one of our most dedicated employees (14 years and counting) who works hard so he can spend his time off with family and racing. Sam loves running with friends, but don’t challenge him unless you’re ready for a race. He considers himself very competitive.

Julian Wright

Julian’s passion isn’t plumbing so his Dad (the owner) makes him dig the holes, deliver parts and help the other plumbers with the heavy stuff. Julian plays lacrosse for Vallivue and plays with his Dad during the summer traveling to different tournaments. He goes to the Dennis Technical school in Boise studying welding and diesel tech. He loves to hunt and be outdoors. Despite his age, you will be impressed by his customer service and etiquette that comes from growing up in the service business since he was born.

Bob Jensen
Journeyman Plumber

Bob is our plumber who loves to be challenged. If there is a problem he enjoys figuring it out which makes those tough plumbing challenges to him just a joy. While he does get his hands dirty on the job, when he’s at home he keeps those hands dirty in the garden. Bob enjoys how at everyone at Dillon get’s along, and that they laugh at his jokes. Bob has served our country in the military and his favorite customer would describe him as “down to earth”.

Jason Kline

Jason has been a journeyman for a lot of years. He’s worked in the commercial, residential and service plumbing industry. Coming from a one-man shop he now enjoys working with others each day. His joy is spring when he can start his garden where he grows five different types of peppers. His time is spent with family and his wife when he’s not fishing or hunting. Jason says his favorite thing to do is feed the squirrels at his house, he’s afraid of what they might do to his cat if he stops feeding them.

Tony Bowe
Journeyman, Estimator

Tony moved here from Wisconsin. You can tell because of the way he talks. He’s plumbed for 25 years with his Dad till his Dad retired and he moved here. He likes to joke and laugh even though you might not think his jokes are funny. He and his family live by the Bible’s principles of forgiving and understanding of each other with love. They enjoy spending time together and spends hours of time volunteering.

Taylor Kinnaird

Taylor is our most recent licensed Journeyman Plumber. He moved here from Wyoming after passing his Journeyman’s test and then had to take the Idaho Journeyman’s test. He’s a valuable asset on our team, learning different aspects of plumbing in commercial and residential construction while helping out on the service team. He’s married with two young children who look forward to Daddy coming home each day after work. He’s dependable and the guy that goes out after hours if something needs to be done. He loves to cook without recipes to see how it comes out.

Dustin Wright

Dustin left his high school job after 6 years of managing the kitchen making pizza at Flatbread to follow his father’s (the owner) footsteps in plumbing. He has excelled in customer service and is enrolled at CWI Plumbing Apprenticeship program. He does many unique things like playing with socks on fire, mixes music, and enjoys attending concerts. When he’s not working he spends time with his spouse and new born son. He’s been a great addition to the team.

Brandon Wright

With Dillon’s iconic reputation, Brandon has taken on the challenge to continue Dillon’s legacy of bringing new technology into the company. Brandon’s vision is to create a culture of plumbing pride, with a new business model for apprentices to become journeyman and journeyman to teach their craft to others, while delivering a world-class customer service experience. Brandon says he wants three things for those employed at Dillon, to love what they do, who they work with, and have fun. His goal is to transform the plumbing trade by creating a great company culture and a community of raving fans.

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