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Symptoms Your Sewage Line is Compromised

A damaged or broken sewage line can be a very costly repair, not to mention a headache to deal with. It’s not a pretty sight or smell. That’s why we wanted to take the time today to outline the tell-tale signs that indicate your sewer line needs immediate, professional attention. Septic Waste in Your Yard If septic wastewater is pooling in your yard, there’s no question about it--your sewer line is broken. A broken line can result from a faulty...
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When To Replace Your Water Heater

If you woke up and didn’t have hot water, what would it affect? Your morning shower, running your dishwasher after breakfast, throwing in a load of laundry before work? We use hot water daily; and, when your water suddenly goes cold—you run into major inconveniences. That’s why we here at Dillon Plumbing are here to explain the signs your water heater is headed towards breakdown. Signs Your Water Heater Needs Replacing Your water heater is ten years or older. The average lifespan...
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A Shower Saga: What Is Really Clogging Your Drain?

You’re in the shower trying to wash shampoo out of your hair, when water begins to pool at your feet. Experiencing slow drainage every once in a while is commonplace; however, repetitive drain clogs should not occur. So, if you added an “...again” to the end of that first sentence, and are experiencing persistent drain clogs, this blog is all for you! Clogged Shower Drain Causes Hair Please welcome the most well-known drain clogger out there--hair! When showering, strands of...
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Winter And Your Water Lines

Here in Nampa, Idaho, the chill has set in. And, you are not the only thing in your home that needs protection from the frosty, cold conditions. As temperatures hit the low 20’s at night, the integrity of your plumbing can become jeopardized. Think about it—your plumbing carries water to and from your home. When water gets cold, it undergoes a chemical change, expanding, and forming ice. Frozen pipes mean no flowing water, and no flowing water means no functioning...
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