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Brandon is a free-thinking entrepreneur who made his own rules after a series of hardships in owning a business, Brandon quickly learned there is no how-to manual for entrepreneurship. Brandon started a cleaning and restoration company in 1999 which grew to 26 employees. During the recession, he downsized and kept the business alive. After recovering from the recession, he rebuilt the business into a unique business model that was unlike any other company. A great team, no programming work, and niche markets that they dominated in. With a great reputation and a stronghold in the market for delivering excellent service, he sold the business in 2016 after almost 18 years.

After spending a year of consulting with other business owners who needed help, Brandon needed something of his own to build upon and take his passion for building teams in the service based industry. He then met Tobi Wilson, the owner of Dillon Plumbing. After first meeting Tobi, Brandon knew that it would be an honor to work with a man that had built such a great name and company with such integrity and hard work. In January 2017 Brandon made the decision to purchase Dillon Plumbing from Tobi. With Dillon's iconic reputation, Tobi's honorable character, Brandon has taken on the challenge to continue Dillon's legacy of bringing new technology into the company. Brandon's vision is to create a culture of plumbing pride, with a new business model for apprentices to become journeyman and journeyman to teach their craft to others, while delivering a world class customer service experience. Brandon says he wants three things for those employed at Dillon, to love what they do, who they work with, and have fun. His goal is to transform the plumbing trade by creating a great company culture and a community of raving fans. He himself is enrolled in the plumbing apprenticeship program, learning from his employees, as he teaches them business practices.

He is a family man, with his belief in God as a Christian. He teaches his four children 16-23 years of age that character, integrity, work ethic and being honorable is what is most important in life. His wife Monique is what he owes much of his success in business to. A strong wife and marriage makes a strong and successful husband. He plays lacrosse for the Idaho Yeti Masters Team, coaches Middleton High School lacrosse, and plays with his kids in pick up games. His passion is writing books (he's authored two), hunting with his boys, backpacking, and traveling with his wife.