A Shower Saga: What Is Really Clogging Your Drain?

You’re in the shower trying to wash shampoo out of your hair, when water begins to pool at your feet. Experiencing slow drainage every once in a while is commonplace; however, repetitive drain clogs should not occur. So, if you added an “…again” to the end of that first sentence, and are experiencing persistent drain clogs, this blog is all for you!

Clogged Shower Drain Causes

  1. Hair

Please welcome the most well-known drain clogger out there–hair! When showering, strands of hair naturally shed, regardless of whether or not you brush, or comb, your hair in the shower. Once hair, short or long, goes down the drain, it forms clumps within the pipes, restricting water flow. As additional waste is rinsed down your shower drain, obstructions grow. If a shower drain blockage is large enough, it can cause leaks in your piping and lead to irreparable water damage.

  1. Soap Scum

You may think–how can soap cause any problems? Well, when soap mixes with hard water, an insoluble substance called soap scum is formed. When this material goes down your drain, it leaves deposits behind, trapping hair and other debris that gets rinsed down your drain.

  1. Hard Water

In the City of Nampa, water is rated as high at 7.08, which classifies it as “Hard”. The range goes as following: soft, slightly hard, moderately hard, hard, and very hard. Our water rates pretty high on the hardness scale, meaning it contains a large number of minerals. These minerals then stick to your drain pipe, creating deposits that will eventually cause clogs.

  1. Foreign Objects

Believe it or not, brushing your teeth in the shower and shaving in the shower pose potential drain clogging risks. The cap of your toothpaste and the clear cover on your razor could easily slip down your drain. Naturally, this results in a blockage. Using a drain strainer will help alleviate some of the strain on your drain; however, habitual maintenance is the best way to ensure your shower drain is clog-free and functioning efficiently.

To make sure this is the final chapter of your shower saga, contact Dillon Plumbing, at (208) 466-3707, for all your drain cleaning needs.