How to Fix a Water Softener

When you need a water softener repair or you think your water softener is not softening water, you can always call us at Dillon Plumbing. Sometimes, though, you can also fix the problem yourself. Here’s how to fix a water softener, if you’re so inclined, before you contact a plumber.

Double Check the Settings

Sometimes, a power outage or even just bumping the unit can cause problems with the settings on your water softener. Check these before you call. Make sure the clock is set correctly, because this determines when the unit cleans itself. You should also make sure that the hardness settings match the hardness of your water.

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Examine the Brine Tank

The brine tank is where minerals can collect. Make sure there’s no hard salt bridges that have formed, as these can prevent the processes that soften your water. When your salt levels are low, check the bottom of the tank to make sure there’s nothing hard and no salt mush down there.

Clean Out the Resin Bed

Make sure you get a resin bed cleaner that is compatible with and safe for your specific water softener. Follow the directions on the container to dilute the cleaner, then add it to your resin bed. You may also need to remove mineral deposits from your brinewell tube, air check valve, and brine valve assembly.

Scoop Out Salt Mush

If you do find salt mush in the bottom of your brine tank, use a cup to scoop out. Get as much of it as you can, because it doesn’t dissolve well. This lowers the salinity of your brine and limits the amount of softening that your system can do.

Take Out and Clean the Venturi Assembly Parts

Many water softening systems have a part called the Venturi assembly. This can get coated in iron and mineral deposits, making the whole system less functional. Find your Venturi assembly on the diagram of your softener that came with it, then carefully remove it, especially the screen. Using warm water and a toothbrush, gently clean the parts until the deposits are gone.

If these don’t work for you, you don’t have time to perform a water softener repair, or you don’t want to know how to fix a water softener, give us a call at Dillon Plumbing. When your water softener is not softening water, it’s hard to bathe, wash dishes, and more. We’ll get everything back to normal for you fast!