How to Stop a Toilet From Running

Have you ever walked into your bathroom to find that your toilet is still running, even though no one has flushed it recently? Do you hesitate to call a Boise plumber and say, “My toilet won’t stop running,” because you’re afraid of how much it will cost to fix it?

If this is you, you can take a look at a few things inside your toilet tank. You may be able to learn how to stop a toilet from running.

Check the Fill Tube

how to stop a toilet from running boise

Flush your toilet and see what happens. If the bowl doesn’t fill properly after the flush, then chances are good that your fill tube is the problem.

The fill tube needs to be correctly aligned with the overflow tube if your toilet bowl is to fill properly after each flush. You may need to bend the fill tube so that it drains into the overflow tube. If this doesn’t work, you can easily get a replacement tube at your local hardware store.

When you think the problem is fixed, flush the toilet with the lid off and make sure the two tubes are properly aligned.

Check the Flapper

If the flapper inside your toilet bowl is not properly aligned or the seal has cracked, it may be letting water drain out and into the bowl. This drains the tank, which means that the toilet has to keep running in order to keep it full.

Turn off the water to the toilet, remove the existing flapper, and take it to the hardware store to find the best possible replacement. If you can’t find one that is exact, find a universal stopper or talk to a store employee to get help finding the best one for your needs.

Replace the flapper, then flush the toilet with the tank open. Make sure your new flapper aligns properly and that the water stops running when it should.

Fix the Water Level

If the water level inside your toilet tank is set too high, your toilet will still be running every time you check it. The water level is set by a float inside the tank.

Most toilet tanks have a “water level” mark on the porcelain. Make sure that the float is set at a height equal, but not higher than, this mark. Adjust your float, either by bending the brass rod that adjusts it, or by sliding it up or down the adjustment rod.

As with the other fixes mentioned here, flush your toilet with the tank open. Make sure that the water level is not going higher than the water level mark, but that it remains above the “critical level” mark, which is usually noted on the valve itself.

If you still need help, call us at Dillon Plumbing today and say, “My toilet won’t stop running!” We’ll send one of our top-rated Boise plumbers to your home ASAP. We’ll find your problem and fix it fast so you won’t have to worry or waste money on water anymore.