Spring and Plumbing Problems Written by a Plumber

As a homeowner the change of seasons brings home maintenance and plumbing problems. With spring time also comes the nice weather and sunshine that creates movement in your yard, and your homes structure. This movement will crack, split, or break pipes that are already brittle. The hose bib that froze over the winter now is leaking because you’re watering your yard or washing the car. These are hidden things that aren’t noticeable to you until damage is done

Here are some tips to look for to ensure your plumbing is working properly.

  1. Older water service lines such as galvanized, polybutylene (blue plastic), and older black poly lines deteriorate over time.
    • Galvanized lines rust from the inside out, blue and black poly get brittle or wear because they are sitting on a rock that’s abrasive. We see these having problems more in the spring than any other time as the earth is moving with the temperature change.
  2. Identify your water service leaking by evaluating your water bill or check yourself by checking the meter to see if it’s running or not.
    • Just make sure water is not being used inside the home during your evaluation. Some meters have the red triangle, some are digital. If the numbers are moving or the red triangle is moving, then water is being used and further evaluation is needed. Be aware that a leaking toilet flapper or other leak could be causing the meter to run. It’s a process of elimination.
  3. Hose bibs during the winter will freeze if they are backgraded.
    • That means the hose bib is not angled towards the shut off so when the water is shut off it doesn’t drain out the front. Once the water freezes inside the hose bib and it’s split, it will only leak when you use the spigot. Typically this water is spraying inside the crawlspace or wall where you can’t see it.
    • Unfortunately the only way to identify it leaking is to have the hose on and go in the crawlspace while it’s running to see if it’s leaking or not. If it is leaking there isn’t a repair, it needs to be replaced and graded properly so it won’t freeze again.
  4. Yard hydrants will leak from the bottom connection or the handle may not work properly.
    • These do have repair kits that may be available for repair.
  5. Irrigation sprinklers connected to the city water.
    • You should ensure that you have a backflow and it is backflow tested each year by a licensed backflow technician. This is important because if the backflow doesn’t work properly and siphons into your city water it could cause sickness. There have been times where cross connections have contaminated homes or even the city water lines which created many people to become sick.

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Use your plumber for advice. While many ask questions on Facebook or go on YouTube, we believe ask those that know. Call an expert. We are always glad to help. This is our 61st year in business, we want to take care of our community and our customers.