What You Shouldn’t Flush Down The Toilet

tools placed on toilet lid prepared for toilet repair

If you flush the wrong things down the toilet, you can end up with a clogged drain, a backup sewer system, or even a flooded bathroom. This can be a costly and annoying situation to deal with, and it’s best to try to avoid it from occurring altogether. There are a few things you can do to prevent issues in your toilet, the biggest being understanding which items you do not flush down it – ever.

Here are some items that you don’t flush down the toilet:

Flushable Wipes

Even though they are labeled “flushable”, American Water advises that you shouldn’t trust this marketing tactic. They don’t break down easily, and can clog the pipes, so the safest route is do not flush them. Instead, toss them in the garbage.

Paper Towels/Tissues

Even though they are similar in consistency, tissues are not designed to be flushed down the drain. Tissues and paper towels will get stuck in your sewer line, because they are designed to absorb water.

Cotton Balls or Q-tips

Cotton balls and Q-tips are not supposed to be flushed in the toilet. They can bend the pipes, build up and block them, and get cause general havoc on your plumbing system.

Feminine Products

Do not flush tampons or pads down your toilet. These are designed to absorb liquid and expand as they fill up more. This means that after flushing it will grow bigger and get stuck at some point in the drain.


Hair is not supposed to be flushed. It has a tendency to stick to the walls of pipes instead of flushing all the way down to your sewage pump. This can cause big problems for your property’s plumbing later on.


You shouldn’t flush any medications (prescription or over the counter) through your pipes, because the chemicals and compounds in them are hazardous to the water stream. The FDA recommends taking unused medicines back to a pharmacy for proper disposal.

Drain Cleaning and Toilet Repair Services

Whether you have flushed these items or not, when you have slow drains or your toilet isn’t flushing you a reliable Nampa plumber to find and fix the issue. Call us at Dillon Plumbing today for pluming services like toilet repair and drain cleaning in Nampa, ID and the surrounding areas. We have provided reliable plumbing in Nampa for more than 60 years!