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Are you having a problem with your drains? At Dillon Plumbing, our licensed plumbers offer comprehensive services for drains throughout Nampa, Canyon County, and surrounding areas. We combine old-fashioned service with the latest technology for clearing clogs, drain cleaning, and drain repair to solve problems with any drain in your home or business.

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Efficient Methods for Clearing Clogs

As hair, food scraps, residue from cleaning and personal care products, and other debris build up inside a drain pipe, the water will start draining more slowly until the drain becomes completely clogged. Many homeowners turn to drain cleaning products sold in stores; but these are not effective for eliminating clogs and may cause damage to the drain pipe. Band-aid fixes are never used by the Nampa drain cleaning professionals at Dillon Plumbing.

Our experienced plumbers offer clog removal and drain cleaning for:

  • Sink drains
  • Shower drains
  • Tub drains
  • Laundry drains

Keeping your drains clean helps ensure that they function reliably and prevents damage to your drain pipes. We use professional drain cleaning methods to get rid of clogs safely and keep the problem from returning. Our plumbers are equipped with the best technology to find and eliminate any clog in any drain.

Repairing & Preventing Drain Problems

If the drain pipe is cracked or damaged, we provide drain repair services to restore drains to normal function. Regular drain cleaning can help avoid future problems. In addition, there are things you can do to keep your drains flowing and prevent clogs in the future. You can help keep them clear by avoiding putting hard food scraps, oil, grease, or fats into your drains. When using the garbage disposal, make sure to run cold water to help keep it clear. If you run into a problem, get in touch with us for the highest-quality drain services in Nampa.

4 Proactive Steps You Can Take To Prevent The Need For Drain Cleaning

1. Consider a hair-stopper for your shower drain – Our Nampa drain cleaning experts get called in to clear a shower drain more than any other service call. These devices are cheap and super easy to install and maintain so save yourself the hassle and do it today.

2. Install a lint-trap on your washing machine’s drain line – It may seem as though all of the dirt and debris disappears from your clothes when they’re in the washing machine, but they don’t actually disappear. They do get drained into your washing machine’s drain line and cause all sorts of blockages if left undeterred so install a lint-trap.

3. Put a drain stopper on any kitchen sink that doesn’t have a garbage disposal – These nifty devices really can help you avoid the need for Nampa drain cleaning, especially when you don’t have a garbage disposal. They’re cheap and as far as the installation process goes, they literally fall into place. They’re incredibly easy to clean relative to drain cleaning.

4. Dispose of the following food items in the trash – Egg shells, coffee grounds, pasta, celery, and chicken bones can all wreak havoc on your garbage disposal, so throw them out in the trash. In order to dispose of your cooking oils safely, try collecting them in a used milk carton and throwing out the milk carton when it’s full.

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