Plumbing Services in Melba

No matter what you’re looking for when you call a plumber in Melba, our team from Dillon plumbing will help you out. We will make sure you get solutions that are specific to your needs and that should last for a long time. In fact, we will show you how easy it can be to get your plumbing working and to keep it that way.


When you experience Melba plumbing problems, you want experts who can help you out fast. Our professionals not only work quickly but have years of experience solving plumbing problems just like yours. Call us as soon as you notice an issue to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Drain Cleaning

If you have a clogged pipe or a clog in your sewer line, call us about drain cleaning in Melba. We offer a wide variety of drain cleaning services, including plumbing snakes, chemical agents, and hydro jetting. We will make sure we find your clog, figure out what it’s made of, and then design a plan that will get it out without harming your system.

Sewer Repair

If your Melba sewer is giving you problems, contact us to find the solutions you need. No matter what it takes, we will make sure that you have a usable sewer again soon.

We can perform any sewer repair in Melba that you require. We can also tackle sewer maintenance and Sewer Replacements. In fact, there’s nothing that we can’t do when it comes to resolving issues in your sewer line.

Water Heaters

If your water heater is giving you problems, contact us about a water heater repair in Melba today. It’s not worth trying to live life without hot water! We will repair your water heater, or replace it with a new one. You can also call us once or twice a year to perform water heater maintenance on your unit.

Water Treatment

Your Melba plumbing team also has expertise in water treatment. We can make sure your water tastes good and looks good by removing chemicals and other substances that might cause issues. We can also install water softening options that will remove the minerals that cause hard water.

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No matter what service you’re looking for when you call a plumber from Dillon plumbing, we promise to get the job done to your satisfaction. Make your appointment with one of our Melba plumbing experts today.

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