Sewer Lines, Roots & What To Do: Advice From a Boise Plumber

What Is The Danger Of Roots In My Sewer Line?

Boise Sewer lines that have root intrusions. Many of the old sewer lines are built with materials that are joined together through hub connections. Those hubs move or settle and roots from trees find their way to the sewer creating a web that blocks all contents flowing through. You have options, replace it or you can maintain a line with routine maintenance, having an outside clean out of the home allows the drain technician easy access to cable or jetting the lines for maintenance. If you don’t have one, consider getting one so the Boise plumber doesn’t need to pull a toilet or go into the home each time. It saves money for you in the long run.

How Can I Tell If There Are Roots In My Sewer Line? How Should I Check?

Camera inspection of your sewer line will tell you the condition of the line. Replacing a Boise sewer line could cost $5,000 to $20,000. Before you buy a home, have your sewer line inspected. If you have your drains blocked up and a plumber clears the line, we include that in your price. Many companies upcharge for it, but we believe if we camera the line it’s part of what should be given as a service. The reason is that if you have a blockage, you should know why a blockage was created. This will show what’s wrong with your system and if it needs Boise sewer repair. It also verifies that the service you paid for to get water flowing again was done. Running a cable underground it’s hard to know what was done, the camera verifies we were successful in breaking in an opening for things to flow and you received what you paid for.

What Should I Do In An Emergency When My Home Is Backed Up?

Here is what to do in an emergency situation. If your home is starting to back up, that could cost you thousands of dollars in damage. Shut off any water being used. Immediately go to your outside clean out and remove the cap. This will relief the pressure in the line. It may flow sewage into your yard but it will prevent overflow into your home. At this point call your Boise plumber to come clear the drain and repair the problem.

Why Call Dillon Plumbing For Help With My Sewer Line?

We are plumbers not sales people. Our belief is that we work in your best interest. Evaluate the options, give you a solution and you decide. Each week our Boise plumbing company trains on plumbing solutions, not like many companies who train on how to upsell. There are many things that make us different, that is just one of them. Our philosophy is unique in the service industry so we hope that you appreciate that. We want loyal customers, that means everything we do is built around trust. That’s why we say “Trust is a Craft” and we practice that every day in this unpredictable world.

Use your Boise plumber for advice. While many ask questions on Facebook or go on YouTube, we believe ask those that know. Call our plumbers in Boise Idaho. We are always glad to help. This is our 61st year in business, we want to take care of our community and our customers.