Plumbing Services in Middleton

There’s no plumbing repair job that we won’t take on and figure out for you! Whether it’s so big that you’re afraid there’s not a plumber in Middleton around who can handle it or so small that you feel silly for calling, we’ll come out and get it done. We know that you often don’t have the time and energy to waste on figuring out the problem yourself, and we are always happy to do it for you.

Drain Cleaning

We get a lot of calls in Middleton from people who have trouble with their drains. We’ll get that pesky drain cleaned out, even if it’s your sewer that’s causing the problem. We promise to work hard and fast, so you don’t have to have your life out of sorts for long. Learn more about our Middleton drain cleaning services here!

Water Heater Service

We can do any water heater repairs to get your warm water back on and running in Middleton. Need a new water heater? We’ll recommend one that is the right size for your home and your family’s needs. Interested in a tankless water heater? We’ll help you figure out the pros and cons and make a great decision for your family.

Treating Water Quality

For bad smelling water, we usually suggest a water treatment system. The most common ones remove sulfides as well as other materials or chemicals that can cause those terrible smells. The good news is that, once installed, you will be able to drink your water without cringing. When water gets corrosive, we usually suggest adding acid neutralizing agents to your water. This can be done through a water treatment system, too.

Sewer Repairs

When you find out you need sewer repair in Middleton, it’s easy to panic. After all, sewer repair in Middleton can be expensive and stressful but you simply can’t live without it. But whenever possible, we do trenchless sewer repairs. That way, we don’t have to dig up your entire yard just to get to the problem. We’ll assess your situation and let you know how we can help!

Trusted Plumber in Middleton, Idaho

At Dillon Plumbing, we’ve provided professional plumbing services in Middleton, Nampa, and beyond for more than 70 years. From burst water heaters to sewer repair emergencies and more, our experienced plumbers have seen it all, so rest assured that when you call us we can handle the job no matter how big or small. Schedule your appointment online or give us a call today.

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