Water Treatment in Boise

When you need water treatment in Boise, Idaho, reach out to our team at Dillon Plumbing. We’ll get a water expert to your door ASAP to talk to you about your water treatment options and help you choose the ones that are best for your needs and your home.

We offer a complete line of water treatment options, including:

  • Drinking water treatment. These systems treat water before it comes out of your faucets so you can be sure that the water you’re drinking is always fresh, clean, and great-tasting.
  • Whole-house water treatment. We can install a system that treats every drop of water before you use it anywhere in your house. This means you can drink water from any faucet. It also cleans water before you use it in showers, dishwashers, washing machines, and more.
  • Water conditioning. If you have hard water, as indicated by water marks on clean dishes, discolored towels and clothing, or water-related appliances that wear out too fast, these systems will get rid of that problem. Hard water is caused by high levels of certain minerals in your water but we can help you get those down to normal levels.

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Call today for water treatment in Boise, Idaho and let our team help you improve your water quality today. We’ll match you with the perfect system for your needs, then install it and make sure it’s working before we leave. Get the clean, clear water that you’ve always wanted when you contact Dillon Plumbing about water treatment right now.

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